Special Gifts

A wonderful way to honor someone special is with a gift that has lasting meaning. These planned giving options can be a tribute to a family member, an educator, a classmate or other loved one who has been an important part of your life. The Foundation manages the funds for a number of scholarships and memorial funds. 

Listed below are a few other options to make a lasting gift. If you would like more information, please contact us.

A memorial or tribute gift is a special way to honor someone who valued education.

Many people have securities that have increased significantly in value since the original purchase was made. You can conserve cash for other uses and maximize the value of your gift by using these stocks for charitable giving. 

You can make an insurance gift by naming the FPSF as the beneficiary or co-beneficiary of the policy which will give a gift much greater than its original cost. If you need current or future income for retirement, a charitable remainder trust can provide income to you and/or a loved one for a specified period of time.

You may have a company pension plan, IRA or other private retirement plan that has accumulated funds beyond your needs. A gift from your retirement plan will assist with potential retirement plan taxes while providing vital funding to organizations that you support. It will be rewarding to know that your legacy gift will be used to help educate future generations.

Wills are a simple way to distribute your estate and to donate to organizations like the FPSF. By creating a will or having your attorney make a simple revision to your current will, you can provide for loved ones and support your chosen organizations for years to come. You can specify a dollar amount, a specific property, a percentage of your estate, or amount left over after your loved ones have been taken care of.