2011-12 Grant Recipients

Fulton Public School Foundation

Mini-Grant Recipients

Foundation Grant Awards 2011


$1,000 Enlarging the World of Reading
Foreign Language Grant
Jennifer Lee/Dena Faith
Fulton High School
The Foreign Language Department will be utilizing several iconic children’s stories to immerse students in the
target language. A document camera (Elmo) will allow the images to be enlarged. The stories will then be used to
teach specific vocabulary and grammar. In addition, students will be able to study authentic artifacts such as
money, transportation tickets, menus, product packaging, and other pertinent materials too small or fragile to pass
around utilizing the document camera.

$1,000 Bear Broadcasting: Take Two
Casey Echelmeier
McIntire Elementary
Continuation 2nd Year
Fourth and fifth grade students will enhance their communication skills through the development of monthly
broadcasting of news segments. These broadcasts will include monthly PBS (Positive behavior Support) lessons,
monthly vocabulary focuses, McIntire special events, librarian book talks, relevant historical events and facts, as
well as interviews of interesting people within our district and community. Students will work collaboratively to
choose, create, and produce monthly news segments as well as visit various media outlets to observe strategies in
broadcasting news to the public.

$1,000 Breakfast Club
Connie Epperson, Helen Jarvis, Mary Osburn
Bartley Elementary
This program is designed to teach students to take individual responsibility and accountability for their success as
learners. The goal is to change student behaviors which negatively affect learning and replace them with more
responsible behaviors. These intentional non-learners who engage in one or more of the following behaviors:
repeated failure to complete assignments, tuning out in the classroom, intentionally being off-task with behavioral
disruptions, and lacking effort in work; will meet with volunteer teachers before school to complete homework,
learn/improve study skills and habits, create/improve organizational skills, and set goals for their academic

$1,000 Breakfast, Books, & Blogs
Fifth Grade Teachers
McIntire Elementary
This program will promote great books, in-depth discussion, and new friends. The first part of the program is
Breakfast with Books, where student will choose 1 of 5 different books to read and discuss once a week before
school. They will then create iMovies that will be placed on the Breakfast, Books, and Blog website that will be
attached to the 5th
grade section of the McIntire webpage. These will be viewed by parents and students. The
second part of the program is to generate excitement and recruit more student participation through the blog and

$500 Famous Missourians
Teresa Kucera
Bush Elementary
Fourth graders study Missouri history and famous Missourians as a part of their curriculum. In this program
students will choose a famous Missourian to research. Research sources will include the Internet, encyclopedias,
reference materials, guest speakers, and a field trip to the capitol. Students will then write a biographical report
and speech on this person as well as dress like this person on the day of the museum. This project encourages
students to develop and enhance reading, writing, and socialization skills.

$500 We Both Read
Linda Williams, Amy Crane, Connie Adams
McIntire Elementary
This project will help to foster parent involvement in reading with struggling readers. It targets students that have
been identified as needing Tier 2 and Tier 3 reading intervention. Take-home-and-read materials are written in an
interactive format so that a child can take turns reading aloud with a parent or tutor. Ultimately, this increased
and pleasurable reading activity will result in increased enthusiasm for reading as well as increased
comprehension, fluency, and support for children’s decoding skills.

$500 Picture This – Part III
Carol Robertson
Fulton High School
Continuation 3rd
This project will allow science students to continue to use cameras for stop-action videos for mitosis/meiosis,
photodocumentation for microscope specimens in diffusion/osmosis experiments, in identification of stages in the
cell cycle and of DNA and protein gel electrophoresis, and videos of student verbal quizzes and other assessment
methods. This provides students the ability to “acquire the knowledge and skills to gather, analyze, and apply
information and ideas” (MO Performance Standard 1).

$500 Reading: The Foundation of Success
Betty J Bill
Fulton High School
This project will allow the FHS Special Education Department will continue their involvement with the Reading Is
Fundamental (RIF) program. In the past, the US Department of Education along with corporations, foundations,
community organizations, and private citizens have provided 3 books per year for these students’ personal
libraries. Due to budget cuts the FPS Foundation will fund the continuation of this project which will motivate
them to read and increase their learning potential. Reading inspires learning, leading to better grades and higher
graduation rates. This project will inspire these students to become lifelong readers through the power of choice.

$500 Back to the Revolution Writing Project
Mona Steffens
Fulton Middle School
This project will be a joint endeavor between the communication arts department and the social studies
department. Students will learn about notetaking, bibliography, and the parts of a story in communication arts
classes. They will learn about the American Revolution in social studies courses. They will then develop a story
that utilizes a time machine to travel back in time to view a specific topic and person from that time period. When
stories have been revised and edited they will make a hard-cover edition of their stories.

$500 RUS (RU Safe?)
Jan Bailey
Fulton Middle School
Continuation 3rd Year
This project continues the work of the eighth grade students in creating and presenting Internet safety workshops
for students, parents, and the community. Students first become knowledgeable about the subject in class and
then determine the most effective way to deliver their message. The tasks include research, designing the RUS
logo, making posters, emergency cards, brochures, podcasts, multimedia presentations, making community
contacts, technical support, and presenting their information effectively