2012-13 Grant Recipients

Fulton Public School Foundation

Mini-Grant Recipients


$500 I Luv to Read at Early Intervention
Linda Hall & Trisha Brandt
Fulton Education Center
The Early Intervention Preschool Program will purchase quality literature books which will be loaned to the families of at-risk students.  These will be sent home weekly with a reading journal to record the families’ interactions with their child and the book.

$500 Kindle in Kindergarten
Whitney Davis
Bush School
Kindle Fire apps will be used to enhance reading readiness and number concepts as well as challenge students who are excelling in those skills in a station format that rotates daily.  The use of the Kindle will expose kindergartners to new learning opportunities and will encourage students to be more engaged and interactive while developing fine motor skills and basic reading and math skills.

$500 Check My Spelling
Rita Wentzel
Bush School
Electronic tools, such as the Spell Corrector, motivate students who are experiencing reading and writing difficulties to find the correct spelling of a word.  These students will now have the Spell Correctors to confirm or correct their spelling immediately, find definitions, and identify synonyms and antonyms, which will help them increase their vocabularies.

$500 Busy Bees
Helen Jarvis
Bartley School
A girls’ club will be started which will meet once a week during lunch to create craft projects and have conversations.  Girls at this age tend to form exclusive groups which often ostracize other girls, excluding them from conversations or games at recess.  This girls’ club will bring girls together who don’t normally socialize together for fun activities and conversations about getting along with others to reduce the relational bullying that often occurs at this age.

$1000 Clickin With Content
Diane Pope
Fulton High School
Students will utilize 6 remotes that are a part of a SMART Response XE interactive response system to type in answers to homework or quizzes and will receive immediate feedback on their understanding of important concepts in math.  This formative assessment system will allow the teacher to determine the students’ level of understanding in a timely manner which will allow the teacher to plan interventions immediately when necessary.

$1000 e-Reader Extravaganza
Linda Williams, Amy Crane, Connie Adams
McIntire School

Using e-readers will improve student engagement in reading which will improve student attitudes and reading performance.  In addition, books or articles can be downloaded at any time and the e-readers allow students to click on unknown words to find the definitions of these words right away.   Struggling readers  benefit from these technologies and enjoy the interaction that is involved with these digital readers.  Therefore, they want to read more.

$1000 Total Parenting Experience
Nancy Whitman
Fulton High School
The Total Parenting Experience provides powerful, hands-on activities, complete curriculum, and supplies – to cover crucial aspects of infant care. RealCare Baby makes it possible for students to practice caring for an infant 24 hours a day, for an entire weekend (seven days possible).  Caregiver wears an ID to ensure accountability.  Baby cries for care at all hours , day and night and the caregiver must figure out what the baby needs.

$1000 Wire Choir
Kelly Neudecker
Fulton Middle School
Student in music exploration classes will have an opportunity to learn beginning guitar skills in sixth and seventh grade.  In eighth grade, a guitar class will be offered as an elective for up to 33 students.    Studies have shown that students who  play an instrument are engaging both sides of their brain and developing in cognitive ways that will increase achievement in core subjects as well.  In many cases, learning to play an instrument gives a student focus.  Ideally, some students will continue to play the guitar as a lifelong hobby.