Classroom Grant Application

Here you will find information and the application regarding the 2020-21 grants:

Award Availability and Range: $1,000 and $500 grants will be awarded for the 2020-2021 school year.

Application Deadline:  Monday, February 10, 2020, 4:00 p.m.  

Send application and two copies to: Fulton Public Schools Foundation, 2 Hornet Drive, Fulton MO 65251

Application Sources: 

Notification of Recipients:  Recipients will be notified by the end of March following the application deadline.  Recipients can hopefully attend the annual FPS End of the Year Gathering on April 29, 2020, when grants are officially announced and photos taken.                     

Applicant Eligibility:  Pre K-12 teachers and other certificated staff of Fulton Public Schools may apply for the grants. 

Grant Requirements:  

  • Projects should support the instructional curriculum, encourage academic achievement, and enhance learning opportunities for the participating students.
  • Projects may be during or outside the regular school day.
  • Projects may be submitted for individual classroom, grade levels, departments, or building. 
  • All employees and volunteers with the Fulton Public Schools (including instructors/tutors through this grant) are subject to a background check. 
  • Continuation grants can be awarded for up to a total of three years.
  • Grant recipient(s) must attend the March 2020 Fulton Public Schools Foundation Gala to exhibit the grant project and results.  One ticket per grant will be provided free of charge.

All applications must be typed or replicated on a computer.