2016-17 Grant Recipients

Mini-Grant Recipients



$500   Sparking Learning Through STEM
Jan Bailey and Tasha Schenewerk
Fulton Middle School
This grant will supply I pad mini’s to work with Sphero’s, an app-controlled robotic ball, to foster creative problem-solving and teamwork.  Sphero is linked via Bluetooth to an IPad to be programmed and controlled.  Working together in small groups students will move through the design process to plan, build, and test their creations.

$1000   Fulton Mugs Coffee Shop
Janet Trowbridge
Fulton High School
Fulton Mugs is a successful, student run coffee shop currently in its second year at the Fulton Middle School. A staff of 9 special needs students are responsible for all operational activities. This proposal would be for implantation of this project at the high school.  It has been financially successful at the middle school.

$1000     FMS Thrive Hive
Tiffany Sargent, Connie Tobias,  Heather Yates, Stephanie Horstmeier
Fulton Middle School
Student store where students cannot only purchase prizes for things they want, but also things they might need to THRIVE.  The items carried would be things like school supplies, food, health/hygiene, seasonal clothing, etc.  The goal is to purchase these items to provide the students the necessities to help take care of some of their immediate needs.

$500   AAE – Authentic Education  Experiences
Katie Finley and Robin Frame
Bartley Elementary—Continuation grant
This is the continuation of a program started last year. Students will go on educational adventures around the community to provide them with authentic learning experiences.

$1000     Full Steam Ahead
Delora Vaughn
Bartley Elementary
This project would utilize a Makerspace, housed in the library, to guide students’ interests and abilities in science, technology, engineering, art, and math.  Stations such as Legos, K’nex, littleBits, and other materials will allow students to build, design and create projects limited only by their imaginations.

$500  Makerspace
Leslea Alexander and Kendall Stradford
Bartley Elementary
This grant will allow the library to expand on their current Makerspace grant.  This grant will allow them to buy additional items to expand the program.  It will allow the purchase of accessories to go with what has already been purchased like robots and electronics and building materials.

$850   OSMO in Kindergarten
Debra Hunter and Kara Wagner
Bush Elementary
OSMO is a hands-on education system that allows students to interact with the IPad by using hands-on cooperative learning. Students interact with an IPad using physical manipulatives and the system provides positive feedback.  It can be used to customize lesson plans and differentiate for individual levels of learning.

$1,000     Creation Station
Cami Webb
McIntire Elementary
This is a continuation grant to expand on the Makerspace program that began this year. It is an after school program that focuses on developing STREAM skills, problem solving, and critical thinking in 4th and 5th grade students.  Additional supplies will be bought using these funds.

$500     Connecting Kindergarten Through Service Learning
Amy Caswell, Shauna Smith, and Melissa Milius
McIntire Elementary
This program will allow kindergarten students to apply leadership characteristics with service learning.  Projects such as animal collars for the animal shelter, field trips to local business and attractions, and other activities will help students learn to help others while learning.

$500    Digital Arts
Danielle Davison
Bush Elementary
IPad minis would be purchased to create digital art.  This will help the teacher move to TAB (teaching artistic behaviors) that will give students different centers at which to work and one center would utilize this digital art.


Total 2016-2017 Classroom Grants                                         $ 7,000